Friday, March 7, 2014

My Time to Shine is coming to Brighton!

Leslie Zirker and Jen Kroff will be teaching My Time to Shine this summer in Brighton!  They are finishing up Peter Pan at the Armory this weekend, and are excited to indroduce this great program to this community.

Do you have a child that has musical talent? Or even a child that just can’t help but tap their foot to the radio?
Bring them to My Time to Shine this summer, not only to learn, but to grow! We’ll teach your kids the basics—from do re mi to step-touch—in a fun and professional environment. The once-a-week commitment will keep them on their toes and leave you with a morning to yourself.

We are committed to teaching wholesome musical theater while providing opportunities that will build character and develop confidence. Musical theatre has the ability to bring joy to those performing and those watching, our summer workshop is no exception it will exceed your expectations! We cannot wait to teach your child.

With just one class a week, for seven weeks, your child can gain musical theatre experience and meet new friends while still enjoying their summer activities.  Three community performances will generate confidence each time your child is on stage! 

Starlets (Ages 3-5)
An active fun class that will focus on teaching familiar exciting songs with simple dance movements to develop coordination and confidence

Blaze (Ages 6-8) 
This class will provide an energizing environment that introduces musical harmony and dance techniques to provide fun and dynamic performances

Flash (Ages 9-11)
This class combines musical rhythms with simple dance technique.  It will challenge hand eye coordination and develop confidence for performing on stage.
Glitz (Ages 12-15)
Get excited about gaining some dance technical training; turning, leaping, balance and expression while learning some of Broadway's most popular music.

Sparks (16 +) 
This class will embrace Broadway and all its levels of dedication. It will focus on performance, music precision, dance technique and character development to create a magnetic performance.

AND yes, it is affordable!  One low price, with everything included - Shirt, music, pictures, performances, and of course, a whole lot of FUN!!!

Take a look at the fun things we have done over the last few summers in Littleton on our facebook page - My Time to Shine. 

Send us an email to get on our mailing list, and we will forward our flier to you.

See where we will practice, and perform in the community!

Share with your friends, and we hope to be seeing you this summer!

Leslie and Jen

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why I (Jessica) am a part of My Time To Shine:

Some people give me a crazy look when I tell them I co-own a music and dance program for people 3 years and up.

"Why would you do that?" "Are you crazy?" "I don't know how you handle that many kids!" 
"It's so cheap how do you make any money?" 

These are comments I have gotten and here are my answers:

Have you ever felt like you were designed to do something? I was designed to share my energy through teaching. I can't explain what happens to me but when I teach I transform into a better version of myself because of the amazing people I teach.

I am a part of My Time to Shine because I am passionate about providing opportunities for people to embrace and experience the power of good, uplifting and engaging music through song and movement. Music with lyrics that carry a message can change an individual, it can encourage, enlighten and allow a person to radiate and as a teacher I get to see that happen!

Yes, I am a little crazy or a lot crazy, depending on who you ask! I have a ton of energy and being around kids just fuels that energy within my body. I have an ability and desire to help others generate energy, work hard and bring something to life. 

Kids can get out of hand if there is not any form of proper classroom management. Even though My Time To Shine is focused on teaching music and dance through a fun environment we enforce rules of respect so that our classes can thrive and really have F.U.N. 

Our prices are really inexpensive for one reason: we want to make music and dance accessible to everyone. Our primary goal is in creating an experience where kids or all ages (and adults) are inspired by music and dance in ways that build and fortify their confidence and character. 

I simply cannot wait to meet and become fast friends with this years My Time To Shine members! The last two years I have gained so much from interacting with such awesome, loving, thriving and engaging individuals. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

We are doing an ADULT Class!

Isn't it funny how we enroll our kids in all sorts of extra curricular activities, encourage them to grow and develop talents and try new things and yet we (the adults) forget to give ourselves the same advice. Here at My Time To Shine we are not only passionate about teaching and inspiring kids through music and dance we believe adults need it just as much and can reap so many benefits from engaging in musical theater. 

We know well that one of the reasons why many adults stop engaging in such beneficial activities is money! Classes are expensive! We get it. Because of our desire to reach adults who long to move, to sing and work on performances again we are offering our Sparks class for a discounted price $40. You heard us $40. That is killer cheap and we will have child care provided for minimal extra dollars. Now there are no excuses for you not to treat yourself and be a part of My Time To Shine!

Monday, April 15, 2013

5 Reasons why My Time To Shine will be awesome for your child...

1: Your child will be in a loving, supportive and FUN environment.

2:Your child will learn inspiring and encouraging lyrics that will  fuel their mind with goodness.

3: Your child will socialize and make many friends.

4: Your child will energize their body through movement and dance routines.

5: Your child will have greater confidence in their abilities as they embrace many performing opportunities. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heritage Square Performance; Saturday 4th August

Hello everyone! 

IMPORTANT information enclosed! 

First of all, Heritage Square is this Saturday, August 4th. The concert will begin at 11:00 a.m. so please have your kids there and ready to go at 10:30. We will be taking group pictures before the concert begins, so please do your best to be there on time. We will meet For this concert AND the final concert, please wear BLACK BOTTOMS with your green t-shirts. If you do not own black bottoms, it is okay to wear dark jeans, but we would prefer black if at all possible so there is consistency and togetherness on stage. 

We will be meeting on the town square. Look for the mass of lime green :) PLEASE PRACTICE. Quite a few kids missed practice on Wednesday so please look over the videos and wordsheets. 

Here is the show order: 

Seize The Day
Never Fully Dressed
Be Optimistic
We're All In This Together
Raise Your Voice
My New Philosophy
Why Should I Worry
How Lucky You Are
Get On Your Feet
Somedays You Gotta Dance
Turn Up The Music

Final show and dress rehearsal--Columbine High School: August 10th. The dress rehearsal will be from 9-12 in the morning. Starlets can be picked up at 10. That night, the concert starts at 7:00 so please have your kids there and ready to go at 6:15.
 Again, please wear black bottoms :) Tell everyone! We've attached the flier again to give to friends, family, and neighbors. 

Sparks/Glitz- Seize The Day:

Thanks everyone!!!
-Leslie, Jess, and Becca

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update: Parade!!!!

Hello everyone!

Here is some very important information enclosed :) (Videos are at the bottom)

First, t-shirts. These will be handed out in class on Wednesday (TODAY). We are very excited about our t-shirts this year. They've been designed by a close friend of Jessica's to go with our theme for the summer: Seize the Day! We're ordering from a new company so hopefully everything works out. Please have your children wear their shirt to the parade. NO FLIP FLOPS. We want to avoid any crunched toes. 

On to the parade. The parade starts at 10. However, we are 69th out of 78th, so we are pretty far toward the end. Please drop your children off at 9:45 at 10th and Illinois (map attached). We will have teachers their ready to escort children to the float. You are welcome to come back, as well, but the road is closed to cars. While we wait for our turn to be in the parade, we will be taking group and individual pictures. 

We will have two trucks (as far as we know). Starlets will be on the first truck, and the rest of the students will be on the hay. We are still looking for a generator--if anyone has one, please let us know asap if we can use it. 

Bring water! Preferably plastic water bottles so no nice water bottles get lost. Apply your children with sunscreen beforehand! We will be in the sun for a few hours and it will be HOT. If you can, bring a blanket. Not everyone needs one, but we do need a few to put on the hay to make the ride more comfortable. As far as allergies go, we will be on the hay and there will be balloons decorating the float, so let us know if that is going to be a problem. 

At the end of the parade, we will drive a few blocks (about 4) to a parking lot where you can pick your children up. 

Leslie and Becca will have their phones with them at all times. Leslie:             720-341-8905       and Becca:             720-394-6624      

Lastly, we are looking for parent volunteers. We need help blowing up balloons before the parade. We also need a parent volunteer from the Starlets class to help with the kids backstage. You will need to help keep them entertained when they are not on stage (we will have activities ready to go), which means you will be able to see them perform, but not the rest of the show. For that reason, parents with starlets and children in other classes should probably not volunteer, so they can see their other kiddos perform as well :) 

Attached are maps for drop off, pick up, parade route and the streets that will be closed.

PLEASE encourage your kids to practice with their word sheets (attached) and the videos on youtube (search with the group name and the name of the song). Leslie, Jessica, and Becca will be there helping the kids with the choreography, but we would love for them to have the general idea and we definitely need them to know their words. It's very simple so a couple practice rounds will help. 

Thank you for cooperating with us! And thank you for allowing your kids to be a part of our program!

(Parade) Seize the Day:
(Parade) Turn Up The Music:
Sparks- Raise Your Voice:
Blaze- Who Better Than Me:
Starlets- Be Optimistic:

-Leslie, Jessica, and Becca

Maps below: